Donation Impact from PBR10K'17

Each February 1,000-1,200 of us attend the PBR10K which benefits our friends at Directions for Youth & Families. What a great feeling to know you are hanging out all day at a charity event.  More and more I hear "hey it's for the kids" and everyone loves knowing the funds raised during the event will make a difference. 

I recently received the breakdown of how the PBR10K'17 donation money of $27,500 specifically impacted Directions for Youth.  It is extremely detailed and really shows how as a group we support their organization.  

PBR10K'17 Donation Spending

While I doubt any of us wore a $9 pair of sneakers to the PBR10K'17, Robert couldn't be happier with the pair our donation provided him. 

I can't wait to see the difference the $25,000 raised from PBR10K'18 makes.