PBR10K'19 Bands

After a one year hiatus, the bands are returning to PBR10K'19, providing your soundtrack to enjoy your 10,000 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon. 

The schedule for Saturday: 

12:00 pm - New Park Drive

New Park Drive at PBR10K'17

1:00 - Hello, My Name is Duane

As the "Fan Favorite" winner of Directions for Youth & Families'  Winter is Here concert event in January 2019, Hello My Name is Duane is honored to accept the prize of performing at the PBR10K'19. Band member Duane Casares, CEO of DFYF, is looking forward to performing at the event which is raising awareness and funds for his agency's mission of bringing hope, healing and resilience to youth and families in central Ohio. Duane is honored to play with his son Aaron's band, Mountain Laser Mountain. For this event, the band insists on playing as Hello My Name is Duane - a name created one evening at practice when Duane rushed in from a meeting with his nametag still intact. The band members are all Watterson graduates plus 1. In addition to writing their own music, they also play covers with their own spin. Father and son on-stage together - a dream come true for them and a whole lot of fun for us. Band members include Zac Lackey on guitar, Eric Brunton on drums, Aaron Casares on bass, Duane Casares on keyboards, and vocalist Ryan Roberts


Hello, My Name is Duane at Winter is Here

2:00 - The Trainwreck Endings

Train Wreck Endings

3:30 - Colin Gawel and the League Bowlers

Colin and the band at the Big Room Bar

5:15 - The Winnie Cooper Project

Winnie Cooper Project at PBR10K'17